News Roundup: Black Sabbath, Entombed A.D., Destruction, Cobalt and More


In this news roundup we have: folk metal, black metal, sludge metal, experimental metal, metal with metal, traditional metal, death metal, melodic metal, power metal, metal filled with metal… Here’s the most important news in metal this week.

SkuggsJA logo

Ivar Bjørnson, from the epic story-tellers of Enslaved, and Einar Seivik, from the shamans of Wardruna, have teamed up to take a poetic journey through the history of Norway with their new project Skuggsjá. And now, the entire composition will be released on a full-length, marking the debut of this collaborative duo.

Ivar and Einar arranged a concert piece using Scandinavian folkloric instruments and a metal power display, with lyrics that celebrate the entire legacy and history of their nation, old and new. It was fully performed at the Eidsivablot Festival on September 2014, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution. Another performance of the entire concert was made at the Roadburn Festival.

The band is completed by guest contributions from members of both Enslaved and Wardruna. In 2015, this ensemble entered different studios around Norway to record the piece as a full album, to be released by Season of Mist March 11th.

Are you curious? Listen to this impressive part of the concert, titled “Vitkispá”, premiered on NoCleanSinging (h/t @HeadOvMetal):

John Sturdy_MFPW_c

I heard you like Neurosis!

Scott Kelly and his partner Sanford Parker from Buried At Sea, wrote something, and this something has a track listing and kick-ass cover art. Beneath the Neurot Recordings wings and under the moniker Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, this duo will publish their self-titled debut this spring.

The duo claim that this album will be the “sonic manifestation of insomnia”, a more personal theme than the dark mass Kelly and Parker created on their previous project, Corrections House.

If you are interested in this, I recommend you check out the Neurosis blog to see the final dates of street release and the upcoming teasers.

This will be the cover art and the track listing for this project:

MFPW - santos cover

1. Oracles Hex
2. A Thorn To See
4. I’ll Try You All
5. 43

David Bowie passing away was an unwelcome start to this year but, we can celebrate his music and legacy.

Venomous Concept, the hardcore group involving members of Napalm Death and Brutal Truth, paid tribute to the chameleonic Bowie with a cover of “Suffragette City”. It is groovy!

The acid experimental black metal solo project Crowhurst is back.

The three-track EP was released on January 4th: Human Capture, Isolator and The Mountain of the Cannibal Goddess, and in the Crowhurst tradition, it is Name Your Price.

Also, if you are a fan, you can purchase the entire discography too! Check it:

Extreme metallers Crimson Moonlight are back with their twilight version of black metal. According to the band itself, the new album will be released this February 26th and will be titled Divine Darkness. Will this be the return of the crushing Veil of Remembrance sound? Or will this new record mark the glorification of the old Eternal Emperor days? We will see!

Meanwhile, listen to “The Suffering”:


Marking the end of the Black Sabbath touring embodiment, the Fathers of Metal Music are releasing an EP, named after their final tour.

The piece will only be available during the dates of the tour and will feature four unreleased songs from the sessions of the last album, 13, along with four live recorded songs. Sadly, Rick Rubin is still touching the buttons.

Remember to check the dates of The End!

Entombed A.D. premiered “Midas in Reverse”, a taste of their upcoming album Dead Dawn. All the LG Petrov-commanded attacks are on point, reminding us of the might of this prideful Swedeath army. They will be on the road in Europe, too.

1351416338_Bild 14

Do you remember Destruction?

Of course you do! They have been working hard and have gained legendary status due to their contributions to the extreme metal genre.

Well, it is a pleasure to tell you that thrash is not dead (if you continue thinking that, Simon Phoenix will punch you in the pancreas); Destruction will release their new album on May 13th, titled Under Attack. We can only expect fast and demolishing riffing.


Are you tired of new releases? Well, go to the bathroom and die pooping, because you are ruining the fun.

Cobalt is back with an upcoming album. The ironically titled Slow Forever will be released this year, and you can listen to a new song on February 9th on NPR Radio. Profound Lore Records also informed that this will be a double album and the design of the cover was made by Jimmy Hubbard.

Their previous piece, Gin, was released 7 years ago (!!!). Do they still have their avant-garde mojo? Be prepared for this one!


Novembre is back with more gothic beauty.

April 1st is the date chosen by the dark moon to unleash the new record, titled Ursa. Peaceville Records announced a golden guest on the album: Mr. Anders Nyström from Katatonia will be doing a guitar solo on the single, “Annoluce”.

It was mixed and mastered at Unisound Studios by the sacred hand of Dan Swäno, and the cover art was made by the talented Travis Smith. This will be an album I will tag in my notebook and patiently await.

Following more black metal news:

Hellenic melodic occult metal cultists from Thy Darkened Shade are writing again. Get prepared to make your proper incantations to the Shadows Below with this “necrosophical” untitled piece:


Remember too that Iron Maiden is releasing a free-to-play mobile Action-RPG game, titled “Legacy of the Beast” (hope it is better than their previous attempt at gaming, Ed Hunter).

From what the developers said in the press release, this new game puts the player into the flesh of famous mascot Eddie the Head in a quest on different planets and environments, battling weird enemies. All the artwork is inspired by Iron Maiden album cover art.

As a bonus to this interactive experience, the soundtrack of “Legacy of the Beast” will have songs from the entire Iron Maiden career, along with a pair of unreleased live tracks. It sounds promising, to be fair.

On to tiny bits of news:

  • Experimental Finnish metal masters, Oranssi Pazuzu are back with a new psychedelic experience. Please, stop what you are doing and listen to “Hypnotisoitu Viharukous”.
  • Need new Power Metal? Check out the new song from Avantasia ft. Michael Kiske. Be prepared to be amazed by Tobias Sammet’s project on Eurovision too.
  • Absu will be releasing new material on March 17th. The new album will be titled Apsu and is dropping via Candlelight Records. Blasphemer, from Aura Noir, and Ross the Boss, from Manowar, will do some guest spots on this one.
  • The Greek legends of occult black metal, Rotting Christ released another song from their upcoming album Rituals (Spoiler alert: it’s written in Aramaic, and it’s crushing!). Mark your calendar for February.
  • Spiritual Beggars’ new album is titled Sunrise to Sundown and will be released on March 18th and will feature 11 songs. It was recorded and mixed by Staffan Karlsson in analog. Expect melodies, plenty of melodies.
  • Wormed presents “Pseudo-Horizon”, a taste of their upcoming record Krigshu. Enter the threshold and prepare to be blasted unto the infinite. This one will be released March 18th, via Season of Mist.

So, that’s all for today, folks. Did you like these new releases? Are you eagerly waiting for something else? Prvpvrv yvvr kvlt nvws vnd pvst thvm vn thv cvmmvnts. I am going to eat a chocolate or something while you name a lot of blasphemous names I will never check.

Huge thanks to my friend Karhu for helping me with this News Roundup.


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