Exclusive Look at the Most Brutal Split You’ll Hear All Year, Courtesy of From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred


Brain splatter and broken bones, two great tastes that go great together! That’s the nasty, viscera-Reese’s you’ll be horking down next month when From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred release their new vivisected corpse of a split. Today, I’m pleased as hell to bring you not one but two mammoth tracks of grizzled death metal. Here’s your free ticket to the grindhouse; this double feature of “Cast into the Sea” and “Part of Decay” is going to make a human-skin coat out of you.

Our first track is the split’s opening salvo, a ballistic battery of blasts and blood-soaked, burly riffs. “Cast into the Sea” is a hair-raising anti-religious screed replete with some of the gnarliest tricks in death metal’s butcher’s bag; a brief dive bomb inoculates you before heavy as all hell guitar lines (with a suitably rusty tone) slice you open, leaving you vulnerable for the ravenous rhythmic shifts and burning leads to feed like hungry vultures. It’s a short track, but it gets right to the point. No second is wasted on pointless noodling, even if the Nevermore-esque solo does reveal a surprising level of technicality beneath the Bloodbath veneer. From the Hellmouth is killer enough to have gotten a nod from Artificial Brain’s Dan Gargiulo.

“Heavy as fuck death metal that fuses a Morbid Angel vibe with slam, how can you go wrong?”

Next on deck today is Mutilatred’s BDM battering ram “Part of Decay.” Imagine throwing the very best of New York Death Metal à la Skinless into a blender with Mortician, sprinkling in some gristly chunks of decadent blast beats, and blending the whole thing with a fistful of rank groove (to really bring out that coppery taste), and you’re getting an idea of what Mutilatred has in store. Huge riffs. Undeniable drum work (with delicious rides on the blasts). Absolutely Putrid growls. And one monstrous break leading into the clunkiest (in a good way) groove you’ll bang your head to all year. No wonder Trevor Strnad is a fan.

“…I assure you this is grave desecrating, corpse fucking, true death that is not to be missed…”


Stream both tracks below, then mosey on over to Bandcamp to trade in your kidney for a pre-order. The split drops August 4th courtesy of Redefining Darkness Records and Seeing Red Records.

From the Hellmouth: Facebook | Bandcamp
Mutilatred: Facebook | Bandcamp

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