Dialogia Pull Together A Killer Cast Of Death Metal Guests For ‘Nostrum’ In This Behind-The-Scenes Video


Watch and learn.

Are you ready to go on a journey? No, you don’t need your plane tickets, luggage, a mask, or even pants. Dialogia are ready to take you to the outer reaches of your soul with their debut full-length album, Nostrum. It’s a whirlwind of progressive death metal that balances technical prowess with guttural brutality and progressive creativity. It’s a dense exploration in all that is heavy and the band is not doing it alone.

With Nostrum, Dialogia has managed to put together a lineup of death metal heavy-hitters that would make any death dealer squeal in delight. The album features guest work from Barre Gambling (Daylight Dies), Bobby Koelble (ex-Death), and Guthrie Iddings (ex-Daylight Dies). Tying it all together with the mixing is Tymon Kruidenier (ex-Cynic). Rounding things out are guests vocals, strings, violin, and cello. Everyone is getting in on this progressive death metal act.

So how does a debut album with a rich conceptual concept, complex and creative sounds, loads of guests, all come together? Luckily for us, the band has put together this helpful behind-the-scenes look the writing and recording process. Hear from the band and the guests how Nostrum came together and what all the intricacies mean. Check it out:



Pretty cool, huh? Nostrum is available now on Bandcamp. Give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook and find more information at their website.

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