Flush it Friday: Wild animals invade my home


Welcome back to Friday afternoon. Let’s ride it out to the weekend.

I recently bought a house. So far, home ownership has been interesting and fun, much like a carousel spinning out of control due to massive electrical issues. I decided to add another wrinkle to the experience by asking my girlfriend to move in with me. She accepted and I’m stoked. She’ll be moving in this weekend. With her cats.

These bastards

These bastards

I’ve never had cats, so I’m not really sure what to do here. I hope they don’t destroy my nice, new house. Hopefully, they’ll quickly adjust and be chill bros. Otherwise, this is the kinda shit I expect to see for the next fifteen years or so.

Good: Girlfriend moving in.
Bad: Cats are untrustworthy by nature.
Ugly: A box filled with cat poop in my house.

The floor is yours. It’s Flush it Friday.

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