Flush it Friday: GAHHHH


It’s time for the weekend. Here are your highlights from this week to go along with your open swim.

Jesus Christ, this Vessel of Demise artwork, you guys. Looking like a touched up Ecce Homo. My man up there looking like he sat down too hard on his balls. Last time I saw a guy make that face it was an As I Lay Dying member realizing their meal ticket was going away for a few years. Anyway, it’s been a tough week and my writing has been sparse at best. Sometimes it be like that. Regardless, you can look forward to a litany of fantastic content next week. Probably. Here are some of the good things that we did manage to publish.

Obviously, the biggest post of the week was this piece about Maynard James Keenan. I’m not sure what to add to this at the moment but you can be sure there’s more to this.

We Need To Talk About These Maynard James Keenan Allegations

Toilet Radio was shockingly good this week. Next week you can look forward to two new ‘sodes – one regular program and one BONUS PATREON SUBSCRIBER ONLY EPISODE.

Toilet Radio 128: The Drugs and Alcohol Episode

We got that new Immortal. It’s p good.

A Triumphant Return: Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods

Richter is good at words.

Say Hello to the Original* Void

OK, love you. Gotta go.

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