Premiere: Sentient Horror – “Rites of Gore”


Death metal for the love of death metal, pure and simple.

We’re all here for the same thing; you love death metal, I love death metal, and Sentient Horror definitely loves death metal. This is a band that knows what they’re about- they walk the tried and true path of the buzzsaw, eschewing innovation for execution and honing their craft to a razor edge. In short, they’re one of the best at what they do, a cut above the rest with their adventurous instrumental work, and they only continue to get better.

And in the spirit of our shared love for death metal, we’re helping the band bring you the title track from their upcoming third album, Rites of Gore. It’s everything you could want from this type of music; it rips, it tears, it thrashes, and it pulses with unholy magic. No, really; see what the band says about it:

I had been listening to a lot of mid-era Death, particularly Spiritual Healing, and this track was designed to have a similarly epic vibe to the kinds of songs on that record. The lyrics were actually inspired by Juanjo Castellano’s cover artwork. He had sent me a mockup of what he was working on, a character he described as the “Lord of Gore” conjuring the dead from their tombs. Since the first record I’ve been referencing a character known simply as “the Necromancer” in a few songs, so it was perfect to see Juanjo’s “Lord of Gore” character and the Necromancer as one and the same.

Rites of Gore releases on April 22nd
Redefining Darkness (NA) | Testimony Records (EU)
Sentient Horror

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