EXCLUSIVE STREAM – HUSH Premieres “Shinda Inu No Shashin”


Back in April, The Toilet ranked HUSH the best unsigned band in New York. Today we’re pleased as throat punch to present a hea-vay new track “Shinda Inu No Shasin” from their forthcoming EP Nihil Unbound.

If you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, “I should tie a thick stump to my ankles, jump into the nearest sea, and rapidly sink until the weight of the salty water crushes me like a giant fist,” then well…you should get help. But also, you should listen to “Shinda Inu No Shasin,” because it’s pretty much the next best thing.

HUSH hasn’t made any major changes to the formula found on their 2014 album UnexistTheir music is still part of the very limited and special club that actually deserves the wildly overused “slab” descriptor. This is indeed a SLAB of heavier-than-heavy doom/sludge that crushes kingdoms beneath its weight. The atmosphere is still distinctly HUSH, and those tortured vocals of Charles Cure’s are still bellowing long and angry above the crunchy march of doomsday riffs played at a snail’s pace. There’s no reinventing the wheel here, but the band has managed to strip these songs down even closer to the bone. The vacated space actually lends an even bleaker atmosphere to contend with, and the music feels all the heavier for it.

Nihil Unbound will be released digitally on 1/9/16, with a vinyl release to follow sometime in early Spring via Dullest Records, Silent Pendulum Records, and Fuzz Records. In the meantime, stab play below and enjoy the crushing nihilism of “Shinda Inu No Shasin.”



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