Flush Friday: U READY 2 RAGE??


 While our resident cat is exploring new litter boxes abroad, we’re rotating Flush Friday duty. Hehe. Doody. Check it out, we’re gonna RAGE this weekend!

It’s Labor Day weekend, flushers! You know what that means? We have to try extra hard to beat your lifeloving spirit into the cold, dead ground. So this week’s installment is pure, unfiltered, raging anger, and Occams Razor Ramon and I are dishing it out. So count your weekend ruined and headbang along in fuming despair.

First up we have the song “Ingest” by Brain Famine. Right off the bat, how many vocal layers are on that verse?! How angry is he? Is that just 10 dudes in the studio having a hate contest? Well, it sounds like everyone wins (or loses), because this song is an absolute crusher. Dirty, angry riffs persist through the rest of the song, along with a lead that doesn’t really act like a solo as much as a bunch of tiny middle fingers buzzing around your face. You know that feeling. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly despise where you are and need to punch the Earth in the face. Forget relaxing on the jet skis with some brewskies with your broskies. That’s rage, and you’ve been flushed this Friday.

Occam’s Razor Ramon

If you’re anything like me, seeing Genericore (TRADEMARKED, BACK OFF) bands with their 42 string guitars prancing about playing their 2 note songs created to please the masses of mindless idiots in Affliction shirts and Five Finger Death Punch flat bill caps probably pisses you off. Well good news my friend! That means you not only have something in common with yours truly, but you also share a common bond with Murder Construct which means you have something in common with Travis Ryan which makes you the coolest kid on the block. I tell you all of this because my Flush Friday selection this week is “Compelled by Mediocrity” by Murder Construct. There is a palpable rage running through every moment of the song. Riffs alternate between groovy chugs and furious chord changes before settling into a crusher perfect for windmilling along at around the 1:24 mark. Travis Ryan brings all of the vitriol you expect in his lyrics, some of my favorites being:

“We must demolish/This fucking turd you polished/Born to suck/Born to regurgitate other idiots’ mistakes/Bred to be the same/Bred for lame”

 So get ready to burn all of the mouthbreathers around you alive and jam some Murder Construct while you await your trial.

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