News and New Music Hustle: The Halloween Eve Edition, Featuring Angelcorpse, Cloudkicker, Revenge, Vod, Tengger Cavalry, and More


Follow the path to glory this Friday.

Angelcorpse, purveyors of perverse blackened-death putridity, have been reborn. The band’s last release dropped way back in 2007, and they seemed to go inactive in 2009, so the new announcement is a boon to filth fanatics around the globe. The new album will feature Gene Palubicki (Perdition Temple), Pete Helmkamp (ex-Revenge), Bill Taylor (Immolation), and Ron Parmer (Perdition Temple). Details on the album are scant at the moment, but you can hear a teaser for the 2016 release below. (h/t Tyree)


Ben Sharp, the man formally known as Cloudkicker, got sneaky this week and dropped a new album on Wednesday. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Sharp’s work, he brings the progressive chugs and grooves and polyrhythmic clangs like a man possessed by an extradimensional squid demiurge. This style of metal typically annoys me, honestly, but Cloudkicker has always seemed to have a greater sense of scope than his peers, carving huge ethereal mountains out of clouds and constructing albums that feel like journeys through the stratosphere. Woum continues that trend. This isn’t raw or filthy by any measure; rather, it’s progressive metal for quiet introspection. If that appeals to you, check it out below and get your prog metal and chill on over at Bandcamp. (h/t Son ov Wolf)


It’s time for you to seek vengeance on your enemies with Revenge. The premier masters of unhinged black metal malice have returned with a new album, set to be released on Novemeber 13th courtesy of Season of Mist. A new, third track from the album just surfaced, but to get you up to speed, here’s “Nihilist Militant” and “Wolf Slave Protocol”. You all set? Good, because “Silent Enemy” is going to rip your butt off and make you wear it as a hat. This is lightning fast black metal belched from bilious black clouds with a noteworthy bellicose bent sure to bring disaster and destruction upon mankind. Those inhuman drums! Those subhuman gurgles! The lightning leads! This is violent, malevolent stuff. You can pre-order Behold.Total.Rejection here. (h/t Ted Nü-Djent)


Canadian experimental alchemist Vod has been hard at work on upcoming full-length Popol Wuj. I previously reported that you can hear two demos on Bandcamp! Well lo and behold, sneaky Dave Tremblay wrote a new song called “Harperia” and released it furtively last week. It’s a bit different than his previous material, with melodic vocals and bass-work seemingly rooted in the OSDM approach of bands like Cynic and Atheist. Sure, it still chugs and grooves like Vod’s other material, but there’s a greater breadth of influences and styles on display here, augmenting the almost Tool-esque vocal approach. It’s different and cool. As an added bonus, you can also get a retro “8-bit” version of the track for your old-school side-scrolling adventures. Get weird with the bizarre sons of the north on Bandcamp.


Tengger Cavalry, my favorite folk metal band in the biz, just released a new album called Overture for Carnegie Unplugged. From what I can tell, this is a live and unplugged (think MTV and Alice in Chains) style recording featuring tracks from the band’s previous releases. It’s surely a testament to the group’s skill as musicians and songwriters, then, that these semi-acoustic renditions sound just as impressive in this quieter, more intimate setting. You can pick up Overture here for cheap or subscribe to get all of Tengger Cavalry’s frequent releases.

Australian weirdo black metal band Chemical Cascades appear to have finally finished their next album, the aptly titled The Worm Elder [Note: I currently can only see out of one eye, so if that doesn’t say The Worm Elder, mea culpa]. There aren’t currently any new jams on Bandcamp, but if you missed my review of the band’s smokey, void-tripping demo, you should definitely give it a spin here. It’s free! You can also jam 13 minutes of live music below.

And now, the rest of the news you can use in brief:

  • Stockhausen texts me every night at 11:11 pm and tells me to listen to Brain Famine.  I’ve heard their old stuff, but I need to introduce myself to this new monster that dropped last week. ToH, say hello to Exploding Paranoid Universe.
  • Bandcamp keeps blowing up my inbox to tell me that Phyllomedusa is seemingly dropping a new album or two every single day. The latest is called Camp Bufo. Listen to it and the other few hundred frog-centric amphibian slam/grind/noise albums here. [Note: At least two more albums have been released since I wrote this post.]
  • Nasty, nasty death metal band Brutus is finally releasing Murwgebukt next year on January 18th via Willowtip Records. Hint: It’s pronounced “Murg-wah”.
  • Our favorite unsigned band from ArizonaTake Over and Destroy finally got signed by our pals Prosthetic Records. Good show, lads. Send some of that lucrative label money our way. (h/t Beargod)
  • If you haven’t listened to it yet, you really owe it to yourself to listen to the first track from the upcoming Dragged Into Sunlight/Gnaw Their Tongues split. It’s the most vile thing I’ve heard in a while. Stream it over at Cvlt Nation.
  • Stanley wants to remind you to go see Mgla while they’re touring the states.
    • 06 Nov 2015 – Martyrdoom Festival, NYC
    • Tour with Mortuary Drape and Sangus:
    • 07 Nov 2015 – Cambridge, MA
    • 08 Nov 2015 – Martyrdoom Festival, NYC
    • 10 Nov 2015 – Baltimore, MD
    • 11 Nov 2015 – Columbus, OH
    • 12 Nov 2015 – Chicago, IL
    • 13 Nov 2015 – Milwaukee, WI
    • Tour with Weregoat and Sempiternal Dusk:
    • 14 Nov 2015 – Los Angeles, CA (+Revenge)
    • 15 Nov 2015 – Oakland | Leo’s Music Club
    • 17 Nov 2015 – Portland | facebook
    • 18 Nov 2015 – Seattle | Details TBA

That’s it for me! Stay spoopy, my friends.

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