Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.30 – Storming Area 51 With A Bath Water White Claw


New shit from Ripper, Genevieve, Mortal Incarnation, Grogus, Defenestration, Ancient Crypts, Enforced, and Dispossessed, along with new metal merch ideas, Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, the Democratic debacle(s), angry mushroom trips, and all the other important stuff you need to know.

If you missed part one of our Top 10 Death Metal Albums ov the Decade last week you can catch up here.

New Music Featured This Week:

Enforced – ‘Retaliation’ from At The Walls (out now)
Genevieve – ‘Human’ from Stagnation Demo (out now)
Ripper – ‘The Unreal’ from Sensory Stagnation (out “fall”)
Ancient Crypts – ‘An Amorphous Simphony Of Accursed Flutes from Inhaling The Fumes Of A Burning Carcass (out 1/11)
Grogus – ‘An Oceantomb Of Centipedes’ from Four Kings (out now)
Mortal Incarnation – ‘Infinite Consciousness Unknown From The Mortal Incarnation’ from Lunar Radiant Dawn (out now)
Defenestration – ‘Undesireable’ from Undesireable (out now)
Dispossessed – ‘Black Gaze’ from Warpath Never Ended (out now)

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