NECROPHAGIA Stream “Fear the Priest”


Possessed gets all the credit for trailblazing death metal as a genre with their fancy-pants Seven Churches while Necrophagia sits alone in a dark corner, seldom receiving even a commendatory nod. Probably because they weren’t as good.

Still, their contribution to the genre is too often overlooked.

I haven’t really enjoyed anything they’ve put out since 1998’s Holocausto de la Morte, the first album they released after their reanimation in 1997. Yes, that’s the one where Joe’s southern hero Phil Anselmo joined the band under the pseudonym Anton Crowley and brought all of these killer  riffs with him:

Since then they’ve adopted a particularly chug-driven style, which I tend to find unbearably boring. They just debuted the first single from their next offering of horror-inspired metal, WhiteWorm Cathedral. According to frontman Killjoy De Sade:

“The Exorcist” has been a main stay in my top five films from the first time I watched it. It left an impact on me as a child and has never lost any of it it’s power. I’ve viewed it literally hundreds of times. During the course of our career I’ve written many songs about “The Exorcist”. Some dating clearly back to 1984. I have never felt that any of the previous song attempts would have portrayed it’s impact or captured the true dread that the film. Finally with “Fear the Priest” I think we have done it justice. “Fear the Priest” is our ultimate homage to one of the greatest horror films of all time!

Though it’s certainly not Necrophagia abandoning their recent chuggy trajectory, I actually quite dig this song. I won’t try to pretend that I didn’t bang my head with a scowl hard as nails and enjoy it. It’s also worth noting that total badass/total Sigh frontman Mirai Kawashima is responsible for the keyboards on this track. What do you guys think? Stream it at Bloody Disgusting or just watch the video:

WhiteWorm Cathedral comes out through Season of Mist on October 28th. Preorder here!


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