Flush It Friday – An Elfic wedding weekend


Hannon le, Toilet ov Hell.

This year has been a ride of madness and my adventures were many; but the beauty of the end of a journey is the beginning of another. My travels were abundant of different tales and, like every year, I sit a while in December to think and remember everything and everyone.

But, this time I have a special event in which I am enjoying with a cup of green tea. My wedding is tomorrow and I have rushes of anxiety, happiness and nerves all over my being.

I write these lines to share my feelings on this new adventure I will make, this time accompanied by such a fine magical companion. I have spent 5 years of my life with that beautiful woman by my side, and now we are going to build our own tree house to do our best in the tasks and goals to come. We have a very humble beginning but we are very grateful to have the opportunity to meet each other and be part of this long and difficult travel. We do not really know what we will have in the end, but we stick to our principles, families and good thinking as totems that will aid us in the difficult times or being part of our happy ones.

This is a titanic quest, but here we are, fighting through the adversities with high hopes to turn this sterile soil into a forest.
I am very grateful of this year for all the ups-and-downs. It was a very difficult time, but from all the lessons learned, I think I matured a little bit and I am happier with myself, too.

The Toilet ov Hell crew and readers have been more than receptive for my humble contributions and this final part of this short installment of our dear column I send to you my most sincere thanks and good vibes to all of you. I have met incredible people all over here with interesting personalities and great musical tastes and I just wish the best for all of you and your families. I also thank Papa Joe and Masterlord for their support on the blog, as well as Dr. W, Dagon, Guacamole Jim and Lacertillian for their great friendship and being there in every moment of this year.

Be thankful, respectful to each other and enjoy your adventures. Hoping you have a good December.

This is also my last article this year. Mr. & Mrs. Leonhart will enjoy a well-deserved vacation after all the wedding plans and we will be on honeymoon later. Our new journey has begun.

See you next year, friends and readers around the world!

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