Premiere: Pestilent Death – ‘Torturous Incantations’


Rock out with your socks out; love, eat & pray, die in pestilence.

It is no secret that I am very much into black metal. First wave, second wave, with or without thrash, experimental or traditional, it doesn’t matter. It’s what I am into. Except that this year, I haven’t really been feeling it so much. Lack of enthusiasm for black metal comes on top of the usual, annual being burnt out on all your last years favourites because you arduously played them again and again in a vain, desperate attempt to compile an EOTY list you could look back to with any kind of satisfaction a month later.

It’s also not a secret electronic music, hip hop, folk and pop are all regular parts of my musical diet amd this has indeed been an excellent time to delve into all the music that’s not even remotely adjacent to metal that I haven’t been spending enough time with. But it’s also been an excellent time to devote a large part of my attention to a genre that I love and adore, yet often seem neglect to one degree or another – death metal. I don’t think I’ve listened to as much death metal in the past two years as I have in the past two months – and as the time spent with it wasn’t exactly “small” either, but you get the point.

Enter Pestilent Death. A Los angeles -based trio nearing a decade of existence, and preparing to release their sophomore, and first official, full-length, Chapters of Depravity. It’s vile, filthy, disgusting death metal full of unintelligible rumbling, and unintelligible rambling, buzzsaw tremolos and mosh riffs galore. It’s simple, but not lumping it in with a bunch of caveman death metal bands wouldn’t necessarily do it justice, even though it doesn’t try to be anything else.

Today we present to you, the album’s second track – “Torturous Incantations”. A fiery, double-bass ridden plummet into the rotten depths of Torture Rack, Undergang and Abhorrence. One of the most caveman-like tracks on the record, breaking the hypnotic thrust of the riffs only to stomp around for a while, and then return. At one point it even sounds like there’s a solo there, suffocating beneath the layers of filth, but even after several spins, it’s impossible to be sure. Press play, spin away and feel the skin peel from your face.

Pestilent Death’s Chapters Of Depravity releases through Rotted Life on March 22nd
Pre-order | Bandcamp

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