Video Premiere: Dead Will Walk – “Day of Dawning”


A blazing moon rises over the graveyard and soil sprays up from the ground, heralding the dawn of a new old-school day. Necromorphic ambulation!

Dutch death metal outfit Dead Will Walk‘s six-track EP, A New Day of Dawning is an admirably straightforward blast of Entombed-style death metal. Heck, their previous release’s final track is called “Entombed”. The band knows what they’re doing, and they do it well. In “Day of Dawning”, buzzsaw HM-2 guitars rip out some catchy riffs, the drummer changes the groove just when something new is needed, and the vocal lines give some needed shape to the tremolos. Perhaps most importantly, doom sections throw in some melancholic melody to keep the brutality fresh. It’s very much on the non-inventive, workmanlike side of things, but if you’re up for some of this sound, this is a good place to get it, and the fun, schlocky presentation makes it go down nice and smooth.

The band says:

“Day of Dawning” is the first track of our new EP and it embodies the sound of what we always liked about death metal. To the point and filthy, but with a groove and a hint of melody. The video that Wratherhouse made is a perfect fit. An old school zombie flick and we provide the soundtrack”.

A New Day of Dawning will dawn on January 27th from Dawnbreed Records. If you’ve enjoyed your afternoon constitutional with the dead, check out the band’s other material here.

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