Which Dan Seagrave Cover Will Most Resemble 2021?


Aside from all of them.

Now that we’re rapidly accelerating into The End Times™ a long-running theory rapidly gaining prescience is that renown metal artist Dan Seagrave wasn’t merely depicting fantastical otherworldly hellscapes, but rather illustrating a series of prophetic visual aides for us to gauge the chronology of our real-time descent into global apocalypse. Really uplifting stuff. Kinda clarifying, in a distorted way. But which of his many Nostradamus-like visions do you think will most accurately resemble our world in the coming year? Let’s all decide together, like the plague-ridden lower class community we have been resigned to dwell within.

Living Tomb

As much as I’ve expressed my love for this design here before, it’s not really feeling like something that’s gonna appear in a futuristic scenario. Gives off more of dark age poisoned by unwittingly drinking oxidised metal-tainted mead for 17 years type vibe. Excellent, but not what we’re looking for here today.

None Survive The Sun

Ok we’re getting a little far ahead of ourselves here. The last few remaining humans gathering around the final withered vestige of vegetative life while some weird orb shit demands you insert coin for oxygen? That’s not happening until at least 2040.

Like An Everflowing Stream


Souless demons spewing waves of caustic blue liquid over a hapless group of puny captives in some kind of arcane dilapidated hall/arena? Ok, this is clearly August at the DNC. Nexxxxxt.

Rivers Of Nihil
The Conscious Seed Of Light

Too green. Not sure our future has much of that, this is making me err towards the Cambrian era for this one. Fast forward please.

Transcend The Rubicon

Feel like most major eastern European cities already look like this. Gotta keep bumping fast-forward a bit on the ol’ temporal scale I reckon.

Dark Recollections

Ok too far. This looks too abstract..uhh…too incorporeal to my eyess, like what I’d expect to see once those post-death tryptamines hit during my trip into purgatory. We’ll shelve this one for..let’s tentatively say 2022.

Bural Invocation

Hold up, this looks pretty chill tbh. I’d definitely be down to sacrifice some shit on that altar while the middle section of my #1 track of 2018 plays in the background.

Decrepit Birth
Diminishing Between Worlds

A charred landscape mere metres from the sun? Brown as far as the eye can see? No semblance of organic life? I remember this. This is just Australia circa Summer-2019.

The Erosion Of Sanity

A monument comprised solely of electronic waste and the remains of children? I saw an extremely depressing documentary about how some impoverished African youth spend their lives risking injury and disease in dumping grounds combing vast piles of old computers, phones, and televisions sent from the Western world in order to strip them of tiny fragments of precious metals because it’s their only financial prospect. So while this may look dystopian, it’s already happening. Very cool.

Eras Of Forfeit

Once again, this is just Australia. These dudes are from Perth, so this checks out, they know what’s up. Buy their albums.

Fornever Laid To Rest

Ooohh, take me there. Give us the blessing of death Dan. [climaxes in an extremely embarassing public place to the riffs in Winds Of Gehenna]

Ok I’m not going to do all of these, let’s see/hear your reasoning behind your choices from his extensive back catalogue in the comments. Or just go with one of these and wait a little while.

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