Flush it Friday: Another Dang Street Kitten


Time for the Friday afternoon flush.

Been a busy work week with the added wrinkle of nabbing another dang critter off the mean streets of my neighborhood. I’ve decided to name this one Spike because it is small and filled with malevolent rage, just like the Gremlins antagonist. This one appears to be only five weeks old but has the spite of a full-grown cat. Fortunately, I’ve already found a home for this one and she’ll be off to terrorize another family soon.

And now, the highlights of the week.

We tallied the votes. These are the ONLY good records released in 2013.

List: Your Top Albums ov 2013 Revealed

Toilet Radio went in on “Metalhead Dating” and their connection to a vast network of similarly-themed scam nets.

Toilet Radio 188: Hot Singles In Your Area

Me and Leif went and did the metal thing.

Austin Terror Fest 2019 Was Dope As Hell

Fuck you.

Granny 4 Barrel – Nitro Sexy: A Video Breakdown

Owl Boy done went and gone to Poland. He returned with tales of castles and swords.

The Ballad of Bolesław (Or, A Tomb I Have Known & Loved)

Somehow this is the most popular edition of Tech Death Thursday in a while. You people.

Shrek Death Thursday

That’s it for now. Love you and be nice.

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