Flush it Friday: You’re About to Be Abandoned


Time for the weekly flushings.

For many, many years Sweet Lady Toilet was the only one in my life. That all changes soon. Next week I’m getting married and then immediately leaving you suckers behind to go on our honeymoon. How will you manage without me? Poorly, I’m sure. I imagine you’ll spend a few sleepless nights calling my name when you realize I’m not there. It’ll hurt for a long, long while. But try not to rend all your garments and gnash all your teeths cuz I’ll return two weeks later.

Let’s see the highlights of the week:

We’ve reached the grand final of our mighty tournament. You must choose the winner.

Album Art ov the Century Tournament: The Grand Final

We did a hella good show with Austin neuropunks EXPANDER.

Toilet Radio 173: E X P A N D E R

Fuckin’ steampunk man.

Tungs10 – Wandering Around The World: A Video Breakdown

Ben spent some time with the new Avantasia album.

Review: Avantasia – Moonglow

We done hellripped

Premiere: Hellripper would prefer that we All Hail The Goat

Also, some dickbag plugin got infected and fucked up the site. Fortunately, I got it all fixed. THANKS SOCIAL WARFARE.

OK, the floor is yours.

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