Flush it Friday: Wherever I May Flit


It seems like just around this time last year, I was moving to a new apartment after a series of dogshid events. Alas, such events have come to pass again, and I’ll be making a new nest in a nearby forest a week from today. I will build it with the detritus of lost love and rapidly dulling memories. I will weave in the supporting limbs of community—some of which come from you all in this alabaster palace: a wood-cut owl from the Midwest, beautiful messages on the fridge from Japan and the Southern U.S., a Strigiforme Magic card from another continent. Regardless of your participation in Disqus or Discord, know that you’ve helped me take flight after suffering a broken wing. I have nothing but love and respect for this community. ~<3 Roldy

Spear wants you to get Algebraic (and check out this s L a B of new choons):

This Toilet Tuesday (9/20/22)

Tha Boiz discussed V∗ktor (no bold 4 u lamo) getting #Rektored and some other less funny things on Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 392 – Grand Opening And Closing

A Spooky Mansion fleshed, blooded, and premiered with the folks in Writhing:

Premiere: Writhing – Of Earth And Flesh

G/B/Us. Let’s flush it down proper.

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