Flush It Friday: Autumn Eternal

Dane of Sacred Son stands near a covered bridge in autumn.

If loving fall makes you a basic bitch, call me Theokaren Bombecky. Apple cider, denim jackets, hikes through the foliage, pumpkin carving, hearty food—it’s all great. There’s something about fall’s legacy as a time of agricultural plenty that still carries through to today. As the days shorten, that jolly ghost of harvests past floats above one’s holiday preparations and time spent taking stock of the year. It’s the Friday of seasons.

Musically, fall is also a great time to delve into new music and think back on nearly a year’s worth of releases. I often find myself seeking out familiar sonic textures and gravitating toward classic albums from way back when as I enjoy the smell of fallen leaves and yesterday’s campfire. This fall, I’ve gone back to old friends like Altar of Plagues and made new ones like Noltem. I’ve also spent entirely too much time working up a draft list of potential AOTYs.

What plenitude do you have to reflect on? Are you starting to look back at stuff from February and be like, “hey, that shit was pretty cool?” While you think back, take a look through the abundance of danque content our fine Toilet has disgorged for you this week.

Ben got to know Trivium and their latest release:

Review: Trivium – In the Court of the Dragon

GoatForest massacred us with some Resurgence:

Review: Massacre – Resurgence

Jimmy McNulty took a break from patrolling the mean streets to give us a TDT:

Tech Death Thursday: Nurture from Deviant Process

And Eenzy got on the horn with the creator of Kanonenfieber and Leiþa:

The Virtue of Weltschmerz – An Interview with Noisebringer Records

Hope you’re enjoying the fall wherever you are (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere; then you’re outta luck, pal). Hit us with your cornucopia of sun-dappled G/B/U’s below!

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