Flush it Friday: Where Are The Froghopper Nymphs?


Looking back at my childhood, there was a host of strange critters around that I no longer see. I’m sure I’ve lamented the once-common “woolly bear” caterpillar on these very pages, but I recently remembered some other absurd little guys that always fascinated me. On the edge of the forest surrounding my house, there was a specific pine tree that often had what looked like big gobs of saliva stuck on the needles; on closer inspection, little green bugs were suspended in the foam. These are the nymphal stage of froghoppers, a species of Hemipteran (“true bugs”) coating themselves with a froth of plant sap to prevent desiccation. I’m pretty sure this was before the internet was readily available, so I was stuck wondering what the h*qq these guys were doing sitting in loogies in the woods. Better times!

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Did you ever see these phlegmy boiz growing up? Let me know along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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