Flush it Friday: Innernette Archaeology


Like a normal person, I woke up today fiending to listen to Shades of Dusk, a metalcore band that hasn’t released new music since 2011. (I also haven’t listened to them in a decade.) Yes, the dulcet tones of Quiescence (what an apt name!) were calling to me and I began my search. Unfortunately, the band’s label, PRC Music, folded last year and has since disappeared from Bandcamp, along with this precious album; after some research on Metal-Archives, I found that the band was still active and messaged them on FB. Only the Sacred Son knows if they shall ever respond. Y’all ever just lose music to the ages online? UPDATE: Shades of Dusk is now in full control of their discography and will be uploading this album to Bandcamp soon! He’ll YE.

Hans kept our eyes peeled for the new Pupil Slicer:

Review: Pupil Slicer – Mirrors

Joe TnK returned to his Boiz for some Toilet Radio good-good. We’re all glad he’s safe:

Toilet Radio 295 – Ol Nergie Rides Again

Get your shid together and get in on the 300th episode of Toilet Radio next week! Inquire within:

We Want YOU On The 300th Episode Of The Toilet Ov Hell Podcast

The ol’ Discog Dive is back! This time with more factories and disembodied voices from Dirge:

Discog Diving: Dirge (part 1)

Let’s hear the G/B/Us, and any stories of long-lost innernette tuneage.

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