Flush It Friday: Four Day Weekend Edition


Fuck it, let’s start the weekend early.

Apparently it’s your Labor Day holiday over there in Seppopotamia. Or it’s on Monday? I dunno. There’s probably somewhere within a click or two that I could find out for sure, but it’s Friday arvo over here so I’ve already clocked off for the weekend. Either way, Joe mentioned he’d be down for a four-day weekend this week, and as I’m not some kind of brain idiot, I agreed. So here is your open swim for the week.

Forget work, shitpost the day out in the comments.

Riff of the Week will still be running as normal tomorrow, and there are still a few spots left for entries if you wanna win. The theme is buzzsaw/HM-2 riffs. You’ve got about 12 hours to get your riff in, submission details here. Anyway, here’s some new shit that was released in the last week or so for you to dig into in preparation for the weekend.

The new Scorched track is indicative of how hard this album goes. Trust me.

Not to be outdone, the band who joined them on that mad split from 2016 Putrisect dropped the first taste of their upcoming Blood Harvest record.

Chilean old-school black thrashers Hellish (who you might remember from here) released their new fist-flinger.

French weird-death dudes Barús uploaded their first stuff since wayyy back here.

Emma Ruth Rundle released the second track from her upcoming album On Dark Horses. Pre-ordered after the first song and this new ‘Darkhorse’ track has affirmed that decision big time.

On the hip-hop tip Armand Hammer (Billy Woods x EUCLID) just released a sort of lower-key accompaniment album to last year’s ROME, which was by far my most played record of its style last year, even though it was only released in November.

While we’re there, this new project between the aforementioned EUCLID and Milo titled Nostrum Grocers has been on repeat all this week too. Mad chill forward-thinking spacey sounds.

Also, just while I’m writing this Brendan from Convlusing uploaded a playthrough (with the accompanying text) of the incredible track ‘Were’ from his new album Grievous. We haven’t officially covered the record here because even though he sent me an early copy of the record I’ve procrastinated on a way to do it justice. I’ll try to do something for Sunday, but in the meantime, listen to this insanity.

“For a minute I thought “oh i’ll spoil it” but I’ve had a wine or two so here is the shit kitchen counter cam rehearsal footage of “Were” in all it’s mediocrity and imperfection. That fucking quick harmonic after the “verse” gets every time. Imagine I got it properly. This is probably better than it’ll be in 3 weeks anyway. Cheers”

Those riffs from 2:40 onwards ruuuule.

Anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff to keep you occupied for a minute.
Remember to get those RotW entries in.

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