Toilet Radio 434 – A Fat Stack of Heavy Metal Mags


This week on Toilet Radio: Cruel World fest got wiped out with torrential rain and Sick New World fest got fucked up by Las Vegas / Bands using backing tracks: Do we care? / Phil Labonte cares too much about what turns children on / Let’s dig through our archives of heavy metal mags from the 80s to revisit a review of Danzig I and Tom G. Warrior telling it like it is about black metal / Marduk made the mistake of throwing away their fig leaf for a brief moment. Now they’re back to pretending they’re not what we all know they are. / Let’s take a look at the debut music video from cynical crypto scam/fake band THE SHREDDERZ / Megadeth’s artist has finally got paid. It’s a show folks.

BONUS: Want to hear Joe and Brett Pain discuss the life of Riley Gale, veggie sandwiches, and drugs? You can check out this episode of the Relatively Unknown podcast here.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Turn Cold – Chew Glass

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