Flush It Friday: Don’t Be an Asshole


¿Qué pasa, gente? Que ya es viernes, aupa!!

This week has surely been a string of five days, hasn’t it? How about that first thing? That was truly a test of my nouns. And the other thing? Forget about it. What else happened? Oh yeah, one of the bands I first fell in love with when I got into extreme metal could possibly include sexual predators amongst its members. Simply wonderful.

If you will, allow me to vent a bit about this subject, because as a middle-class white European dude who’s currently doing alright in life, this story is the thing that’s had me the most depressed and upset all week.

One of the things I remember most about my teenage summers in the US was sitting in my grandparents’ living room with a golden-finish Hamer guitar plugged into a Line6 Pocket Pod, listening to Decapitated while trying (and mostly succeeding) to work out the riffs in “Spheres of Madness” by ear. Throughout the years, I’ve followed the band closely, admiring Vogg’s resolve to continue on in the face of tragedy and listening to Organic Hallucinosis at least once a month for a long time. Decapitated are a band that I’ve really looked up to forever… which is why I currently don’t really know how to feel.

There are moments where I read the name and smile thinking of the times I’ve lived listening to their music, followed by anger and sadness at the prospect that they could have done something truly monstrous. I really don’t know if I’ll be able to listen to Decapitated’s music the same way again, but that fact sucks not even a microscopic fraction of the mental image that pops into my mind whenever I read about this whole mess. I’m trying my best to be the “both sides” guy and reserve judgement until all the details emerge, but as a longtime fan of the band, I’m finding it incredibly hard to do so.

If I had to sum up my feelings about this mess in words,



If I had to sum them up in meme form,



GOOD: tons more awesome music came out today, and even though my pending playlist is never-ending, I’m discovering new music every day in no small part because of the Toilet and its readers. So thank all of you.

BAD: other than small life things, I just wrote like 300 words about it.

UGLY: the bruises I’m getting from jamming out to this groove:

Have a nice weekend folks! Eat fresh and be cool.

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