Flush it Friday: Good Things Can Be Bad Things Too Edition


I’m not one to get all philosophical about how living in the present is the only true way to live, but I try to follow that to a certain extent. These past few weeks, and with at least two weeks to go, it has been a practically impossible feat. I’m stuck in something of a transition zone, where everything I am doing is a conscious effort to assist my future plans and doing anything else seems like a waste of time.

So what horrible thing is forcing me into this state? Well, that’s another issue. I’m actually very happy to be moving back to Chicago (actually in the city this time and not in one of the surrounding strip malls that are affectionately known as suburbs), but it has also effectively put my life on hold.

Two years on the east coast ended up being just the right amount. Ms. Stick got her Master’s. I… worked and wrote a bunch of blog posts. I made a grand total of 0 friends (I have now realized the importance of finding work in an office with more varied demographics), but I did get to do a bunch of cool shit like see concerts and baseball games in Boston and NY, go to breweries in seven different states, do a weekend vacation in Montreal, and do some pretty solid hiking (which I’ll miss in the flat midwest).

The last few weeks have been filled with selling furniture to weirdos on Craigslist, planning the move, and planning a wedding the month after we get back. Oh did I not mention the marriage thing before? Probably not. I’m not good at talking about personal stuff. But anyway, it’s pretty cathartic throwing away and selling all the old college kitchen utensils and furniture in anticipation of getting the good shit as wedding gifts. Our apartment is comically empty right now. Everything that is left is getting crammed into one of those little 8’x8′ boxes that get magically shipped across the country because fuck driving a Uhaul (W will probably agree).

Good: Can’t wait to be back in the same general area as friends and family.
Bad: Job searching. Writing cover letters. Interviews.  But at least I’m being allowed to temporarily work remotely for my current job which takes some pressure off.
Ugly: The Cubs’ record. In the wise words of Rob Schneider, “OH NO, WE SUCK AGAIN

Here’s the weekly wipe, get caught up on all the stuff we talked about this week.

(Pictured: One of the other cool things I got to do here, which was seeing some shows at a shitty dive bar and getting to talk to some great dudes in Bereft (in the image), Aseethe, Empty Vessels, Chronologist, Capture the Sun, and Hadean.)

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