Toilet Radio 314 – Return of the Mack


We have heard your cries. Every time he wasn’t on the pod, people were asking, “Where’s Jordan?” and “I wonder what Jordan’s up to?” Well fine. He’s back with a heel turn and he’s cutting a ten star promo on all our asses. I’m not here this week but that’s definitely for the best. Get a load of Breno and Jor-Jor calling out rival podcasts, Australians, and all the dumb metal news you can shake a stick at. Topics include: Black metal musician says a normal thing! Bottom shelf booze with bad music blasted at it! Gentlemen’s Quarterly at it again with fashionable metal men’s clothes on… Chloë Sevigny… circa twenty fucking years ago. Guess they never saw Gummo. EVEN MORE TOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS! A cultural reassessment of angry young man music now that kids aren’t afraid of growly angry music anymore! Folks it’s a good one. Join us for the full whack pack next week.

Music featured on this sode:
Cult BurialParasite

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