Flush it Friday: MRI Don’t Like Needles Edition


Today, I will have a strange fluid called Gadolinium injected directly into my bloodstream. (I am not gladolinium about this.) My bird brain has been giving me some trouble this last month, so the doctowls need to figure out how to add a few wrinkles up there. Or something. The operation involves lying still as death for around an hour while spoopy machines whir around my head. Last time, they’d warned me about the loud noises, but I was not impressed, having been to the Palladium, and thus not having ears left. Anyhoot, there was only one way this FiF was gonna end up, and it’s with a big ol’ sloppy beaksmooch on your foreheads. Mwah! I’ll be back later to shitpost with you.

The Lizard ov Aus, Lacertilian, returns to talk MAD SHID on the fam in Dischordia. Can you hear the whip crack?

Premiere: Dischordia – ‘The Whip’

TheoBomb premiered his latest obsession, a track from Notturno‘s Obsessions:

Track Premiere: Notturno – “Falling”

Resident bee enthusiast Megachiles officially welcomed in the spring with a set of mini reviews:

A Lil’ Springtime Review Roundup


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