Flush It Friday: Heavy Lifting


Shitpost your shit posts in this shitpost.

Dubz and Joey are pretending to care about their jobs to appease their overlords today, and I’ve written way more of my bullshit than anyone should have to read this last two weeks so I’ll keep it brief. Here is your weekly open swim, post your fave meme or track of the week. Also, in case you missed some of our exceptional  Content® from this week, here’s a selection to get you all caught up before the weekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend.

We’re at the semi-final stage of our Best Band Logo comp, last day for voting is today.

Best Band Logo Post-2k Bracket: The Semi Finals

Toilet Radio talked about why cops are most certainly not tops.

Toilet Radio 141: Kissing Cops Isn’t Metal

W pulverised our collective genitalia with this mad premiere.

Premiere: Pulverized Promise an “Aniquilación Genética”

And Leif and I fulfilled our destiny/achieved adulthood by starting a metal Podcast.

Toilet Radio: Introducing The Appendix Podcast


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