Flush It Friday: Six More Weeks of Winter


Early this morning, Punxsutawney Phil, that narc, saw his own shadow and predicted in a fit of cowardice that we in the United States are to be shackled into our already ice-bedecked hovel-tombs with six more weeks of winter. Phil may be a snitch, but he is no liar, and you can trust his meteorological auguries as 100% scientific fact. Therefore, I propose that we don our finest pea coats and face the impending Arctic blasts together. Let us flush.

So how would Phil, that hirsute stool-pigeon, recommend you face winter? By listening to Winter, of course. What better way to forget the gloom and misery of subzero temperatures than with the gloom and misery created by DOOM? There is no better way. That is fact. And there is no better subzero doom band than New York’s Winter, sadly gone (but not forgotten) before their time. Gather round the fire, pluck yourself a shank of roasted ground-squirrel meat, and listen to Into Darkness, the 1990 cult classic from the intrepid trio.

Bask in the glacial riffs and permafrost-cracking tone as John Alman recounts the death of hope and desire in the cold, dark night. Bang your head extremely slowly to Joe Goncalves’s irregular, drunken mammoth drum patterns (seriously, do that; this band is as surprisingly nuanced as diSEMBOWELMENT). Lose yourself in the alarmingly voracious leads and unsettling atmospheres of Stephen Flam’s guitarwork. Tell us all that has laid you low and share with us your hope for spring.

And if you don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere, you can pretend it’s cold or something while listening to doom. Whatever. I don’t care.

The floor is yours. Thank you for your continued patronage of this digital waste receptacle. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming (and more winter) tomorrow.

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