Flush it Friday: Anxiety Juice


Oh boy, it’s Friday.

As you read this I’ll be jammed into an ill-fitting suit and sweating bullets from the scorching Texas heat and also extreme stress. Say a quick prayer to keep my guts from exploding all over some poor schlub’s office. As I sip kratom from a travel mug and try to make my life sound much more interesting than it is, you should take a look at this week’s highlights.

McNulty has a word of advice for all you would-be audiophiles.

Home Audio Tips ‘n Tricks: Add a Graphic Equalizer, Ya Dummy

Tomb Mold. What is it? Is it good? Do I want that? Find out now.

Review: Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance

Hans has a cubic shit-ton of new grindcore for you to check out.

Bump’N’Grind – June 2019

Likewise, Karhu went exploring to the ancient realm of trad metal. He has wares if you have coin.

Cruz Del Sur Roundup: Ravensire, Slough Feg, & Lunar Shadow

Joaquin took a listen to one of my favorite records of the year.

Review: Flesh of the Stars – Mercy

This week’s podcast started out pretty funny, then we had to talk about Vektor and domestic abuse. All warnings apply.

Toilet Radio 189: Tailgating Maryland Death Fest

Finally, you jackals made some picks for the year the world ended. Sucks we’ve all been in purgatory ever since.

List: Your Top Albums Of 2012 Revealed

That’s it for me. Be good to each other.

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