Flush-It Friday: Joe Biden Brain Rot


This is fine.

You know what? No. This was gonna be a big angry-ass rant about how the DNC is trying to push a man whose brain has turned to soup as president and how a handful of people I know and respect are on the cusp of making questionable voting decisions, but fuck that. I don’t want to think about that right now, and I’m sure you get enough of it from non-Toilet sources as well. Instead of talking about Biden’s goo-brain, I’m going to direct your attention to Uthullun, who put out this rad little dissonant black metal EP back in August. Sunless is only two songs, but the band does a great job of marrying extreme discordance with more conventional song structure, making it a solid album for those seeking an entry point into dissonant music and for anyone who thrives on that sweet, sweet skronk. Oh, and it’s NYP. Check it out:

Anyway, here are some highlights from this past week:

Brandon Corsair sat down with Tann of Ironsword to reflect on the band’s last 25 years:

Interview: Tann from Ironsword

Karhu blasted out a bunch of mini-reviews all by his lonesome:

Mini-Reviews: The Lone Bear Edition

Carcassbomb joined us to show off an eclectic mix of NYP albums on Bandcamp:

Free Flush Vol 1

Lord of Bork made me aware of South Haven, for which I will never forgive him:

Something Rotten in Denmark: South Haven’s Motion

Hans got all grindy:

Bump’n’Grind – Manna from the Grind Gods

Flush away, friendos.

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