Flush It Friday: Live from Hurricane Florence


Storm comin’? Hatchet comin’!

As many of y’all are aware (because you’re sweet friends who’ve been checking up on me), Chapel Hill, my lordly dominion, is in the path of Hurricane Florence. Flo made landfall today as a Category 1 storm, devastating the Carolina coast (I sure hope the donut shops at Carolina Beach made it through) and leaving thousands without power. By the time you read this, I will likely have joined the latter group despite living hundreds of miles inland.

But don’t cry for me, Toilet ov Hell. I’m still dry, none of my trees have fallen, and I’m well stocked with canned foods and water. My wife, my dog, and I are going to ride this thing out in (hopefully) relative comfort. Plus, the good folks in the Toilet ov Hell Social Club recently gave me a number of storm/hurricane song recommendations, so here they are for your storm of the century pleasure.

So what the hell happened this week while I was battening down the hatches? Let’s take a looksee.

We got to the quarter finals of our big ol’ band logo brouhaha.

Best Band Logo Post-2k: The Quarter Finals

Breno gave us the best day of our lives.

I Stan For Bands in my DMs

We found our quiet cone zone.

The Government Is Coming To Take Away Your Gigs

We declared the best 10 death metal albums of the last decade,

The Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Last 10 Years

And we admitted we missed one or two.

Addendum: Top 10 DM Albums Of The Last 10 Years – The Runners Up

Alright folks, stay safe out there!

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