Flush It Friday: Local Politics Edition


This week, I’m really mad about things that don’t effect any of you.

Good: Tomorrow I’m going to the San Diego Metal Swap Meet. That name really couldn’t get any more self-explanatory, but if you live in the area and you’ve never been, you should come check it out (omg Waynecro come hang out with me). Exhumed are playing this year and, uh… I guess the dude from Hirax is DJing, for what that might be worth. Last year’s afterparty featured Cattle Decapitation, Thanatology, Eukaryst and more, though I actually have no idea if there even is one this year. It’ll be fun though!


Bad: Last year the San Diego Chargers, a team that is by all accounts a pile of ass, threatened to leave our fair city for LA or Oakland if we didn’t build them a new stadium, despite already having this thing where no one goes to see them:


Seriously, I think that photo actually was taken on a game day.

The organization first proposed a $1.1 billion stadium…right down the street from the current one. Fearing this just wasn’t quite enough, the Chargers have released a new plan featuring a downtown location and a price bumped up by $700 million. To cover the costs, the Chargers will contribute $350 million of their own money plus a $300 million loan from the NFL. So… not even enough to cover the increase in budgets. The rest of the money will come from public funds raised by drastically raising hotel taxes and driving out tourists, the only business in the county besides Hawaiian shirt production and restaurants at which Guy Fieri once ate. There’s no way this is getting made, right? HA!

Because compliance is the best way to deal with the demands of petulant children and people take sports waaaaaaay too seriously, the Chargers are of course going to get what they want. After all, they have supporters like these guys:

On a serious note, the only good I can hope this brings is repair to San Diego’s repulsive infrastructure. Need I remind you of poor Pumpkin Baby’s broken window the one time he drove here? Of course, that’s not going to happen. Instead, all our money goes toward spikes and rocks to keep our homeless population (the nation’s fourth largest) from sleeping on the sidewalks. Instead of, like, shelters or something.

These are gonna look so cool when the wind blows litter all over them

These are gonna look so cool when the wind blows litter all over them

Ugly: Let’s just take our minds off things with ugly jamz. Dudes, this new Gorguts.

Alright, that’s it for me. Take to the comments to vent and give me all your ugliest, weirdest tunes.

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