Riff of the Week: 5-7-16


cool fashion elder man with electric guitar

May we all one day be cool fashion elder men lord bless us amen.

Hello everybody, and welcome to Riff of the Week. I’m a little confused about last week here. In a perplexing and frankly history-fucking display of taste, 19 of you voted for the correct riff, and another 15 voted for the clear second best. Whoever you were last week — that’s the you you should always strive to be. The only one stopping you is you.

Next week, since someone keeps suggesting it, we’re only accepting riffs from songs about that spooky red man Satan. Send your sweet satanic riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.

Here we go.



Back when my exclusive romantic relationship with Joe Thrashnkill was merely budding, we bonded together over the goodness of this riff in spite of our usually differing tastes. It still gives me butterflies, I tell you what.



This riff is taken from Insane Vesper’s upcoming album LayiL. If you like triumphant black metal chocked with riff after riff, get on this. I’ve chosen the ending riff at 6:43 for your pleasure.


Sgt Shock

Something something beard culture. Something something good riff @ 2:25-3:30.


Jack Bauer

The riff that occurs in the first minute and a half or so is pure amazeballs. The whole album rules and if you don’t have it you’re a mark ass bitch. All the fucklives.  [Stop trying to make fucklife a thing. — Masterlord]



Thrash metal from one of Brazil’s old school elite. The solos and riffs start from the get go, and there’s even a breakdown in there. And synchronized headbanging? Check. Insane drumming? Check.


Cybernetic Organism

Improve your Saturday with a dose of Der Weg Einer Freiheit and their kickass blend of black/post-black/melodic whatever-you-wanna-call-it. Check out 6:25 – 7:00 for a chilly solo melody riff. Check out the whole song for a proper lesson at how to write an eleven minute track full of blast beats that keeps your attention and builds to a glorious crescendo.


Ted Nü-Djent

Riff starts at 0.20, riff beefs up at 0.50, riff returns briefly at 2.25 before returning at 4.20 (BLAYZE IT LULZ). I <3 this album.


Boss the Ross

This past week’s Think Tank got me thinking (go figure!) about band discographies and how bands have evolved since their first album, best places to start and all that jazz. One of the bands that came to mind, though not immediately, was Summoning. Lugburz is a raw debut album with raw riffs and raw production(not to say their other albums are not raw, this just has a nastier sound to it). As I was re-listening to it the riff at 1:07 on “Flight of the Nazgul” rang true and presented itself to me as the only choice for this week’s ROTW. [Vote for this riff and always vote for Summoning no matter what. — Masterlord]



The section from 1:29 to 1:58 is so brutal that the last time I played it in the garage, all the Greek Gods Greek yogurt my ex had in the fridge caught on fire and exploded.


Growing up I spent a lot of time playing video games at night, so did you. As a 9 year-old in 1993, I was blown away with this new game called DOOM, I thought it was the most evil thing in existence…so did you. The soundtrack to that series was metal as fuck and I would spend hours with those songs echoing through my mind…so did you. When I heard the intro riff to this killer song from Australian band Sanguinary Misanthropia, a sinister grin emerged on my face that would rival that of a Cacodemon and I repeatedly pressed [Ctrl to fire] my weapon…so did you.
Voting for this riff will grant you IDDQD-like status.


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