Flush it Friday: Reject History; Return to Dino


Ever since people started using symbols to convey thoughts and remember the past (well, the winner’s version anyways), Earth has been on a rapid downward spiral, culminating in the creation of Twitter. But it wasn’t always a post-post-ironic planet—cool critters like Mononykus used to roam about without a cellphone in sight, just living in the moment leading up to an ambush by an apex predator. Now, we’re unfortunately living in a post-dino society, but the next best thing is the new documentary, Prehistoric Planet, narrated by the absolute GOAT himself, David Attenborough. I’m only terminally online when it comes to merol, so I heard no buzz about this 5-episode series until the day it was released, and I didn’t want to believe what I was reading. Would it really revolutionize the way the layperson sees dinos like Jurassic Park did? Yes. Watch the show, the stills can’t do the CGI justice. I am fully onboard this hypetrain, especially since the most up-to-date science went into the depictions of these terrible lizards. Look at this crested mf’er, and trust it looks even more convincing in motion.

The only thing that can compare to the coolness of dinos is the hotness of our contributors’ bowel movements!

Tha Boiz spent an hour’s wage on a Bud Light at Maryland Deathfest. This is Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 373 – Maryland Deathfest (2003-2022)

Did you check UwU this week? What tickled your [insert body part]ickle this week?:

Ultimate Wednesday Upcomers (6/1/22)

Snooty McWords knows the word on the street is Fake Meat. This review brings the heat!:

Review: Fake Meat – 腐肉

A Stick in time saves 9 6 Mini Reviews (as the saying goes!):

Joaquin’s Rapid Review Roundup 5

Have you seen any of the show? Were you as impressed as I was? Am I easily impressed? Will you leave me your G/B/Us below if you’d be so kind? ~<3 Roldy

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