Flush it Friday: Please Turn On Your Magic Beam


Per usual, I’m give or take several decades behind in my media consumption. As such, I’ve finally decided to get over my comics/graphic novels phobia to give the original The Sandman a go, and I must say I’m stokéd so far. DC’s Black Label seems to be where all of the edgy content is being released these days, and I’ve just about finished the first omnibus of 4, and no I didn’t already compulsively buy the other 3 collections that’s crazy. Are any of y’all excited for the Netflix adaptation coming out in a few weeks? I have my worries that the obscenities and absurdities of nightmares won’t translate to the screen, but who knows. Maybe it’ll be dreamy. Like these folks!

365 investigated Opeth’s Grill Life and other meaty morsels in this edition of Shirt Stains:

Shirt Stains: Heavy Metal BBQ

Ian got Frosty for this Satyricon interview:

Toilet Radio 381 – The Satyricon Interview

TheoBomb gave us all a Dutch coven:

A Touch of the Dutch

Talk shid about Netflix’s hemorrhaging subscribers alongside your G/B/Us. ~<3 Roldy

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