Free Metal Detector: Radiation Blackbody


Not free metal detector … Free metal detector. Every so often I stumble across something I like listening to. And sometimes that something is up for free download. My typical routine for when this happens is to fist pump – one, maybe two times if it’s really good –  then listen to it all by myself and eat perilously dated leftovers. Well, that changes today! Because now I have a toilet-guild to share it with and we can jam it together through the righteous power of metal brotherhood. And the righteous power of the internet. Depending on how you usually get your music, this segment will either save you a few bucks or make it so you don’t have to cry yourself to sleep out of guilt and a swindler’s shame. It’s a win-win, so get in here!


Today is about Falling to Death Through Time and Space by Brooklyn bass/drum duo Radiation Blackbody. Their Bandcamp reads: “Former Defeatist and Anodyne rhythm section moves to the whip-hand end of slavery. Instrumental, as in no vocals.” Zzzzzzzzzzz. This is normally the kind of thing I wouldn’t waste my time on, but its outright free-ness inspired me to give it a try, and then its nebulous, technical groove slurped me in like a black hole. It’s surprisingly unboring and surprisingly dark for a duo of this kind. It gives me hope that if I were somehow able to make just one friend, we could make some killer tunes… Get it here, peasants!

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