Riff ov the Week: The South America Edition


Where is it, exactly? No one really knows, but it’s no question that some killer riffs have come out of South America, wherever it may be. Let’s jam some of them. 

Last week – what the fuck, guys? Deafhaven swill beat out deadly riffs from Rotting ChristTimeghoul, SinmaraBolt Thrower, and CELTIC FUCKING FROST. Eleven of you should be ashamed. Damn you. Damn every single one of you. Consider this my note.


Luckily you all made up for this atrocity this week. This is one of the best collections of riffs we’ve had yet. Well chosen (even if there are a few repeats)!

Next week:

  • It’s that time again, folks. We’re gonna do SOLO OV THE WEEK once more.
  • Send your solo to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the video, the time of the solo, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.
  • Seriously, damn you all.



Wash that Deafhaven out of your butt with some downright hostile Chilean death-thrashing destruction. 0:00.



I don’t know shit about this band but I ended up listening to this album three times while seeking out sweet Souf American riffz. 2:56.



The riff that comes in at 1:20 is about as simple as you can get, but I guarantee it will get your bunda bouncing.



One of Brazil’s best, and IMHO most underrated bands. The riffs/weedly deedlies start pretty much from the get go.



South America? Well duh, Sepultura. But I’d rather go with my recent Brazilian fetish, Violator. Scenarios of Brutality was one of my fav albums of 2013, and this tune kills. Check out this chugging, thrashy goodness from the beginning, followed a the super-fast tempo change at 0:36.


Pagliacci Is Kvlt

Downfall of Nur hails from Argentina and plays the sort of blend of atmospheric/folky/trees ‘n shit black metal that tickles my pickle. This album will no doubt appear in my AOTY top 10 list. The submitted riff is slow, simple, and sinister and comprises the first track of the album (titled “Intro,” duh) spanning from 0:00-2:35, and it eventually reprises at the very end of the album.


Ted Nü-Djent

Wanted to choose a less obvious band but Sepultura’s “Troops Of Doom”? Come on! The only problem now is which riff to pick in the song? I’ll go with opening riff (though it’s hard to go against this one too) and I’ll also choose a clip from one of the greatest live DVD’s of all time. Riff starts after Max introduces the song at about 15 seconds in.



I’m cheating with this submission, this song actually contains two monster riffs within the confines of its three minute playing time. You have the opening 37 second mark riff that stomps on your head and sets the behemoth tenacity of this song off in a slow momentum building march. At the 2:50 minute mark, the songs reaches apex, a searing riff cutting down the masses like a giant, unforgiving scythe. This was Sepultura before the mid 90s tropes and futbol anthem cliches. This was the bulletbelt and white high tops version of Sepultura that gave us at least this masterpiece of thrash.


As I had already used “Troops Of Doom” for Joe’s crazy riff from 1:30 on a band’s debut theme, I was tempted to submit some Saturndust space doom but after Dagon showed me this album earlier in the year I had a plan B(R). Riff starts after 2:30.


365 Chaos Ridden Days

It’s raw, vicious and vitriolic for your damned soul. This bastard starts at 2:07.



Satan Rebellion Metal is currently my favorite thrash release of the year. It’s rip-roaring from start to finish and these Chilean bruisers sure know how to bring aggression and intensity. The riff at 1:33 in “Bringers of Armageddon” says it all.





Maik Beninton

Time to die.


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