Flush It Friday: The Basics


My favourite non-ToH podcast is a comedy show where a group of comedians fantasy drafts anything and everything. Not long ago, they drafted “Basic Stuff,” and ever since, my partner and I have been playing the “Basic Stuff” draft with friends. My draft included Bud Heavy, Vineyard Vines, Katy Perry music videos, football, and candles. Oh, candles. I love candles. I think we all deserve to inhabit and enter rooms that are perfumed in pleasant, calming ways. A good candle can really pull a room together. I suggest adding a few candles from Queer Candle Co. to your life. Send ’em as gifts, too. Let yourself be enveloped in the fresh and tantalizing aroma of Morning Dew!

It’s also got me thinking about Basic Stuff in metal. It could be bands and albums, shirts and other types of merch, questions of show/scene etiquette, what have you. I don’t know what my full list would be quite yet, but I’d definitely have to draft the rise of merch items such as canvas totes and beer koozies. Slap a band logo on a tote or a koozie, and I’m sold!

But before we bury ourselves too deeply in the endless lists of Basic Stuff we actually like when we’re not pretending to be the kvltest of the kvlt, let’s take a stroll through this week’s Bowl!

Yogi Hans led us through some Monday morning Pranayama:

Album Premiere: Mæntra – Kundalini Rising

That other Toilet ov Hell podcast talked about Gavin Rossdale, David Draiman, and some sexy DM beef. Long live Riff-Raff! [I didn’t write this. Swear it on me broodmother. ~Roldy]

Toilet Radio 355 – Now Owned By The Orchard Entertainment Group

Snooty did his duty and shook his booty to the dulcet tones of Immolation‘s newest. Out today!

Review: Immolation – Acts of God

BSG interviewed Zeal & Ardor about the new album. Eenzaamheid tried to steal credit by posting it under his name:

Interview: TovH <3 Z&A

Spear cooked up up some lil’ bits from Theo, Megachiles, A Spooky Mansion, and Hans for the tastiest amuse-bouche Web 3.0 has to offer:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (2/18/22)

What a week! I hope you enjoyed everything these wonderful contributors offered. Obviously share those GBUs in the comments as well as your favourite Basic Stuff! As always, all my love and reverence to all the Toileteers.

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