TMP: Saint Vitus, Blind Guardian, Noisem and More!


Saint Vitus is aiming for a May date for their finally arriving, self-titled, new record, and have selected 12 Years In The Tomb to represent this

Windhand is a band that I recall having always been solid, and it doesn’t sound like they’re out to change that there thing just yet.

Blind Guardian has kept their fans waiting for the orchestral album for a large number of years but it has finally been given a release date.

German thrash metal veterans Destruction have undergone some line-up changes, after a nigh-decade of service Vaaver stepped down from the drum stool after Thrash Anthems II in favour of a former Primal Fear / Annihilator drummer Randy Black and now they’ve hell-comed (seriously, stop this) Damir Eskic, a pupil of Tommy Vetterli, to their ranks and make them a four-piece. Damir already contributed a few guitar solos to the band’s previous record Under Attack.

Three members of Swallow The Sun – vocalist Mikko Kotamäki, drummist Juuso Raatikainen and guitarist Juho Räihä – have started a death metal band Hedonihil and have released a song that is not entirely unlike to Marduk.

Korn and Alice In Chains are going on tour together, Underoath, Fever333 and HO9909 opening.

A Pale Horse Named Death, best known as the remnants of Type O Negative, with former Life of Agony members, announces US east coast tour.

  • Body Count is in the house, yo! And by “house” I mean studio, and by “is” I mean will be come April.
  • If nothing else then this new Battle Beast at least sounds a little bit different from the latest Beast In Black.
  • Noisem is streaming a new track called “Bummer Dog
  • Nuclear Blast singed Khemmis, Royal Republic
  • Prosthetic Records signed The Machinist (new song people) and Vile Creature.
  • Those Opposed Records ceased all their distribution-activities to solely focus on their own catalogue and future releases from now on, but couldn’t resist taking the helm one more time to re-release Kawir’s classic To Cavirs LP, but y’all so puffed on kratom that you don’t probably even care and would rather be informed that there’s this new The Picturebooks song on Century Media, as apparently they’re looking to become the next Earache.
  • Deafheaven is going heavy on this Ordinary Corrupt Human Love sessions leftover b-side track
  • Origin is going to release a collection of their demos (some of which may or may not have been widely/officially/commercially available before) as well as complete re-recordings of all their pre-Origin songs by Paul “Mastérmind” Ryan.
  • Alex Poole is in many bands, and I am glad that I was not informed Gardghastr was one of them (before it became obvious, around .3 seconds after pressing play) because otherwise I might just have skipped instead and it’s a good one if you’re into some Emperor/Limbonic Art on Nightbringer type action.. Also featuring the equally prolific Swartadaupuz (Musmahhu, Bëkëth Nëxëhmu, Gnipahålan, Azelisassath) whose work I actually retain an innate interest in – not having them all sound like an extension of each other helps, folks.
  • Esoteric are finally back on track and will be recording a yet unnamed album from April 11th onwards. It will see “a return to the heavier use of psychedelic effects and a greater variety of tempo, expanding on the sound developed since the band’s inception in 1992.”
  • New Devil Master video to remind you that they released an album past Friday and you still haven’t listened to it, twerp.
  • Pig Befriender (nee. Destroyer) is nowadays focusing on destroying the environment with flexi-disc plastic waste, their latest effort – “The Cavalry“, an ode to the bootlickers of yore. And their very own John “Jonah Jameson Jr.”  Jarvis’ blernsball-themed grindcore band Kolten Wong City is releasing an EP.
  • Where’s the Beef(cake)?
  • Rotting Christ apparently had members not named Tolis, and now there’s one less of them. They also put up a bonus track from The Heretics
  • New Brujeria
  • Conan’s frontman Jon Davis is apparently making music solo as Ungraven as well, and here’s a song that is new, and another.
    There’s not only a new Children of Bodom song, but also a whopping two new In Flames songs. How’s that for early 2000’s?
  • Entombed – or a sham version of the band filled with human-dildos that decoded, after roughly 25 years of not giving a damn about the band, that they should own all the rights to it and forced the people who had actively participated in the band to change their name into Entombed A.D – is releasing their 25th anniversary live performance of Clandestine as an album in May.
  • Queensrÿche’s aiming to spill the blood of the levant.
  • Due to not having fully recovered from his accident, and other commitments making touring a nigh-impossibility for him, Vintersorg has stepped down as the lead vocalist of Borknagar. I had been hoping they’d hire Pål Athera who has been filling in for him on the last 2-3 tours as his replacement (since this has been obviously coming for a long time), but they’ve elected to do no such thing and will continue as a band two members short of their previous incarnation – ICS Vortex has been elevated back into the band’s lead-vocalist and Jens F. Ryland hasn’t been replaced as a guitarist either.
  • Enforcer is a band with a new song out, not quite like I recall them being.
  • Can’t say I’d know Arrival of Autumn, but here’s a song.
  • Avantasia released a new lyric video, and Ulver teased a song.
  • UFO on an apparently last US tour

An assembly of bands of various sorts that put out a new song, or possibly a video for an old song.

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