Flush it Friday: A Beautiful Species


In light of this horrific article, I’d like to bring attention to the Save the Elephants charity. Founded in 1993, the organization’s 4 key initiatives (Protection, Research, Awareness and Elephant-Human Conflict) have seen success in revitalizing African elephant populations and helped spread awareness of the myriad dangers facing the species. The charity is transparent with funding, releases annual reports, offers internships and opportunities to spread the word, and publishes scientifically peer-reviewed research in elephant behaviour and population dynamics (basically, you can be confident that any donations will help elephants, rather than spawn viral YouTube videos to sell t-shirts.)

The coolest part of the charity (other than the elephants, of course) is its connection to the mama tembos, a group of women from Samburu and Turkana (Kenya) who act as local champions for these elephants, patrolling/monitoring wildlife corridors using GPS to track their movements (as well as spread awareness of their mission). It’s people like this that stand between elephants and extinction. You can be one of those people too, regardless of your financial situation—but, if you want to donate $5 next BC Friday instead of lining the pockets of some dude who probably fetishizes Nazi memorabilia (at the very least), I will not stop you.

Everyone’s favorite silver-tongued skink returned with a batch of speed reviews:

Reptilian Rapid Review Round-Up

365 gave us all .gyphilis with his breakdown of the second first song from Psychosexual:

Psychosexual – Devil From Hell: A Video Breakdown

Tha Boiz talked about an actual murderer being touted for clout and a bunch of other asinine shid on this week’s Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 304 – An Embarrassment of Embarrassments

Spear gave us a T H I C C, full-bodied, absolute girthquake of a Tech Death Thursday, featuring Atvm.

Tech Death Thursday: Atvm – Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless

Y’all ever do a thing you were proud of? Let me know about it in your G/B/Us. Tryna stay posi this week.


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