Flush It Friday: The Getting Down With Boss the Ross Edition


Hey, guess what everyone! It is FRIDAY and by the time this post runs most everyone here will be off of work or are counting down the seconds to sweet, sweet, weekend freedom. Except I have to work tomorrow, and I’m willing to wager some of you do too.

Weekend work aside, this week has flown by pretty quickly for me and I hope that the next seven days move just as rapidly. This week has been dandy, I’ve listened to some damn fine tunes and had some pretty awesome conversations with you fine folks. So all things considered this gets a solid 90% on my weekly grading test.
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It is FINALLY jacket weather here in the Lone Star State. I don’t know about y’all but I do indeed enjoy the cold. It just feels right to me. Now, don’t ask me to explain that, because I have no logical answer. Sure, I could make up some BS line about grim black metal, but I ain’t got time for that so, on to more pressing matters!


Wino has reformed The Obsessed, signed with Relapse Records and have released a track. If you don’t know already, I am a MASSIVE Wino fan. The dude’s life choices could be construed as a little off-key, but his RIFFS are banging. His fingers just ooze the choicest groovy-doom licks and he still has the magic on this new track. Follow this link and bang your head with me, please. I am immensely excited for Sacred, their next LP.


Thanks to my favorite Half-Elf in the world, I can confidently count myself as a Spiritual Beggars fan. I sat on this astounding band for far too long and now is your chance to play catch-up like me. The band has gone through a number of lineup changes, but my favorite thus far occurred between the years 2002 and 2010 with JB Christoffersson, of Grand Magus fame, on vocal duties. His baritone howl soars above Michael Amott’s jam-heavy, blues-rock riffs and Per Wiberg’s wizardly organ chords with wondrous results. Spiritual Beggars have a damn near perfect sound that is hard to find any faults in. Thank you so much Link!


This on may throw some of you for a loop, but my goodererest this week has to be the Netflix original series The Get Down. If you aren’t familiar with this Boz Lurhmann creation, I have part of your weekend planned for you already. Watch this show!

The Get Down is a musical drama set in the Bronx during the summer of 1977 and tells a coming of age story for a young man and woman during this time of musical and cultural revolution. Disco is reaching its peak and Hip Hop is on the rise. The show does a phenomenal job of capturing this era and showcasing the art of rapping and DJing. Within 5 minutes of the first episode, I was hooked. Even with only the first 6 episodes released, this has sky-rocketed to great heights in my favorite shows of all time list. The acting is phenomenal, the music is astounding, the story is riveting and the cinematography is absolutely stunning. Everything about this show is superb. But don’t just take my word for it, please, PLEASE watch this show. You will not regret your decision.


So now it is your turn to rate your week and share some cool, random stuff! Get to it in the comments below!

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