Premiere: Bones Brought Some “Blood, Diarrhea, and Tears”


Part of a nutritious Toilet.

If you’re an avid follower of Transcending Obscurity’s roster, you may have already spotted the neatly titled upcoming album Diseased by the equally neatly titled band Bones on the label’s Bandcamp page. And maybe, intrigued by such simplicity, you took a peek at the two tracks that were already released. If you aren’t, and if you haven’t, you’ve been missing out, but luckily, we have the honour of premiering the opener of said album today. And even more luckily, Bones sing about everything that a good Toilet needs: bodily fluids galore.

I mean, come on. That opening riff is killer, and that snarl from the singer is just wonderfully mean-sounding. Once the drums (incidentally handled by said snarler) kick in, I get a pretty strong Bolt Thrower vibe, and in fact, most of the song leans heavily on the death metal side of the band’s sound. The monstrous groove of the opening takes turns with blast beats to make for an appropriately brutal opener. The other two songs, however, are prone to turn on a dime, shifting between the tank-like riffs we hear here and crust punk parts that give precisely zero fucks. The pairing works well; both parts are equally disinterested in anyone’s well-being.

Appropriately disgusting cover art by Matt “Putrid” Carr

Diseased will be out September 20th.

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