Flush It Friday: Watch this guy crush Resident Evil VII


T.G.I.F. Thank god it’s FlushitFriday.

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) has been going on all this week. For those unfamiliar, it’s a twice-yearly week-long marathon of obsessive nerds beating video games as quickly as their little thumbs can muster. Folks gather round their computer screens all over the world to watch a guy that knows a video game back and forth slice through it like a hot knife through butter. Everyone has a good time and they all donate money to help fund cancer research. I dig using my second monitor at work to watch gamers completely master old NES games that I could never get past the second level and other dudes just break the shit out of modern titles to get through them in minutes.

The highlight of this AGDQ is definitely this run through of Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse difficulty. Carcinogen, the unfortunately handled streamer, goes on a madcap dash through one of the scariest video games in recent memory. My lady and I quit playing RE7 roughly halfway through the game because it was just too intense, so I really enjoyed watching Carcinogen’s careful explanations of how the game works and his tidbits of Louisiana trivia. I especially enjoyed watching his carefully planned strategies go to absolute shit as he’s forced to think on his toes and get very, very lucky to make it through.

Thank you for your continued support of this online shithole. Your regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.

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