Riff Of The Week: Shark Edition



Last week we used some rad Reptilian riffage to heat our collective blood-filled organs. In the end it was a Matt Pike mirror-match, with FrontRangeDrifter just pipping Anesthesiac. Let the terrible conspiracy theories flow, Dubya eats that shit up.

This week we asked for Shark-related riffs. Expected a few Manilla Road riffs to come in as a show of respect for Mark ‘The Shark’ Shelton, but maybe some considered that in bad taste? I dunno about you but I take it as a sad but inevitable prompt to jam their music and enjoy their legacy. Either way, we got some sharp shark riffs for you to choose from today.

Mastodon – ‘Megalodon’ (Riff @ 1:26)

The biggest, baddest shark; the biggest, baddest riff.

Accept – ‘Fast As A Shark’ (Riff @ 0:42)

Last week I attended the MetalDays festival in Slovenia and one of my highlights was the performance of Accept. So this is the first song I thought off, also because it is a really cool part of metal evolution, being typical proto-thrash and all. Oh and I picked a live rendition, to show y’all they are still on fire!

Darkthrone – ‘Straightening Sharks in Heaven’ (Riff @ 2:34)

I was very much tempted to submit something from NIN – With TEETH (emphasis mine). I soon realised that I just couldn’t bring myself to sift through all those tambourine hits in search of riffs. So here we have Darkthrone instead. [INSERT IMAGES OF SHARKS IN CELESTIAL HAIR SALONS BEING MORE PISSED OFF THAN USUAL].

Giant Squid – “Monster in the Creek” (Riff @ 4:50)

Shark riffs? Giant Squid has written a half dozen songs about sharks. They’ve got to have some killer shark riffs, right? Uh, turns out no. Giant Squid doesn’t really write guitar riffs; they just tune their guitars way downward and worship their amps. So here’s a synth riff from a song about a fatal bull shark attack that occurred in the Matawan River of New Jersey–in fresh fucking water.

365 Days Of Horror
Send More Paramedics – ‘Zombie vs Shark’ (Riff @ 0:29)

It’s a song about a zombie fighting a shark. What more could you want?

Floodgate – ‘Through My Days Into My Nights’ (Riff @ 0:00)

I’m almost completely sure that those jaws on the album cover belong to a shark.

Manilla Road – ‘Weavers Of The Web’ (Riff @ 0:08)

One of my faves. Turn it up at 0:08 and bang on.

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