Firewind – Ode To Leonidas: A Video Breakdown



Firewind guitarist Gus G put his band on hold while becoming the main guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, but now they’re back. The Greek power metallers will be releasing a new album in January and to promote the album, they’ve given us a shiny new music video. Have you ever seen the movie “300”? Firewind has and boy, do they really like it, especially that Leonidas fellow. Take a look.

0:11: Welcome to Windows 98.
0:16: Or an old Moonspell video.
0:29: He’s stroking his beard like his wife won’t be home for another 2 hours.
0:35: Without Christopher Lee, all soliloquies in metal songs are hot garbage.
0:43: “Who’s ready for the Hot Tub Club?”
0:53: “Greetings, Sir Chrome of Dome!”
1:01: Nice of Jens Kidman from Meshuggah to make an appearance.
1:10: Leonidas’s beard may have in fact devoured his mouth.
1:19: These bands really like their digital mountains.
1:25: Apparently, the Spartans had excellent mascara.
1:34: There’s something odd about wearing a giant cross in a video about ancient Greece.
1:45: Aww, he got Leonidas a poster.
1:51: “I’ll dominate you.” Gross.
2:11: Welcome to Wrestlemania!
2:19: That’s the face of someone doing something they absolutely love.
2:26: He was full of jam! I knew it!
2:32: “Sweet murdering, bro.”
2:45: They have all the computerized graphics at their disposal and they decide to play in the most boring location possible.
2:56: Leonidas must defeat the army of luchadore pandas.
3:04: ‘Til Brooklyn!
3:21: It’s nice that they remembered to digitally enhance the statue’s bulge.
3:28: Some digital plants would really brighten this space up.
3:34: Maybe put in a digital skylight and let some sunshine in to the room.
3:49: That’s a lovely tunic you have on, ma’am.
4:05: Uniforms provided by a Halloweentown store on November 1st.
4:14: These Rent-A-Spartans can’t even hit their shields to the beat.
4:27: Oh, so this is a Matrix movie now?
4:35: Here comes the guitar money shot.
4:41: “Come at me, brooooooooo!”
4:50: The video spent all their budget on air and face paint, so no action sequence for us.
5:04: And here’s a little side action if you love keyboards.
5:13: I guess Firewind is going to skip over the whole Spartan Master Race thing.
5:27: His shield is really just a giant piece of foil-wrapped chocolate.
5:35: This drummer is definitely at the wrong gig.
5:55: And his eye makeup remains flawless.

Firewind’s album Immortals is out on January 20th, 2017 via Century Media Records.

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