Free Metal Detector: Purge by Fange


Look, I know I said you could take the night off, but we’re going to need you to come in anyway. Some band gave away a whole heapin’ helpin’ of free sludge to those got dang Toilet kids, and now there’s a huge mess. Bring your mop.

Fange (pronounced with a soft g, unlike gif) are a French sludge band. They make ignorant music for the educated man. Don’t believe me? It says it right there on the tin! Ah, but what kind of ignorant music? The kind with grimy chords, crusty drums, huge mossy swaths of distortion, and vulturous vocals. And break downs. Lots and lots of ignorant (yet somehow far more tasteful than those conjured by any deathcore band) breakdowns.

Purge, Fange’s most recent release, set to drop on September 2nd, is one big putrid pile of bone-crushing Man-Thing riffs, swamp gas atmosphere, backwoods inbred mutant vocals, hate, and alligator death roll drums. Plus breakdowns. And feces. It finds itself poised more on the hardcore, NOLA-birthed side of sludge (think EyehategodCrowbar) than the artsy-farsty Savanna side, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lacking thoughtfulness. The band uses some interesting interplay of dynamics, alternating between pummeling full-tilt d-beat assaults and more deliberate, plodding rhythms with stupidly heavy, distorted riffs as an accompaniment. The intelligence bleeds through in the harrowing, Deliverance-esque atmosphere and in the odd Soilent Green-ish southern grind/powerviolence riffs. It’s nasty nasty nasty, and it’s absolutely free. If you can’t wait for that September 2nd release, check out the band’s Facebook post with an obscenely generous Dropbox link.

If you like what you’re hearing (and who wouldn’t?), you should definitely still toss some dollarydoos Fange’s way via those Throatruiner links. It’s the decent thing to do. You should give Fange a like on Facebook for being such upstanding dudes and toss them some money on Bandcamp.

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