What’s that? Your taint was insufficiently demolished by our last Transcending Obscurity contest? Then allow me to introduce you to the heaviest crustacean this side of the PacificWarcrab‘s the name, big ol’ pincer doom riffs is the game. They’ve got a new record coming out this year from our friends over at Transcending Obscurity, so to celebrate, we’re giving away 100 download codes for the clawbomination’s last album, Scars of Aeons. Get in here to find out how to win it.

If you take a gander at the shelled ones’ Bandcamp page, you’ll find the label has categorized them as a Death/Sludge Monstrosity. That’s more than just cheeky hyperbole. Scars of Aeons is jam packed with killer death and doom riffs, the kind that will tear off your trigger finger and leave you bleeding out on a beach, waiting for the tides of murky sludge to carry you out to a watery grave. “In the Shadow of Grief” is a particularly rad track, one where the vice-like riffs are matched in ferocity by an undeniable double-bass gallop and a NOLA sludge-caked solo sure to leave you choking on blood and bile. Simply put, this album slaps, and it’s sure to satisfy fans of heavy-ass guitar jams.

Basically, Scars of Aeons is the audio equivalent of this:

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some other jamokes had to say.

– “one of the biggest, brightest, and stupendously heaviest discoveries” – NO CLEAN SINGING

– “masterpiece” – THE SLUDGELORD

“Championship of the year 2017” – POWER METAL

– “an echo of slower Benediction and Bolt Thrower” – WORMWOOD CHRONICLES

– “the love child of Conan and Bolt Thrower” – ZWARE METALEN

Still not convinced? Then there’s no helping you, because these riffs are definitely big enough.

Alright, now that I’ve sprayed you with my curiosity musk, allow me to tell you how you too can consider this militant lobster. Simply follow the steps below to claim your Golden Ticket.

  1. Send an email to toiletovhell at gmail dot com
  2. Use the Subject line “Warcrab Code”
  3. Answer this question: “Where (geographically speaking) is Warcrab from?”
  4. Like and subscribe to the Transcending Obscurity Youtube channel.

If you’re fleet of finger and favored by the fates, you too can claim one of the 100(!) download codes we’re giving away, absolutely gratis. Just go to the band’s Bandcamp page and stab that MF redeem button with the code we’ll email you.

If however, you’d still like to toss money the label’s and band’s way (and you definitely should!), you can find Scars of Aeons on Bandcamp here. While you’re at it, head to Facebook and keep your eyes (and carapace) peeled for new material soon!

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