Check out Cards Against Brütälity


The hottest new party game from Toilet Ov Hell that totally exists and is very real and not fake.

Do your parties suck? Be honest: is this you?


What you need is a less boring life Cards Against Brütälity, the newest game from Toilet Ov Hell Industries (a division of FlushCo) that tests both your incisive wit and your knowledge of today’s metal scene and is totally unrelated to a similar-sounding card game we’re not legally allowed to mention so don’t even bring that up.

We talked to hundreds of musicians, industry insiders and big-name producers to create thousands of mildly amusing ass-blastingly uproarious question & answer combinations. Here’s some samples from when the TovH authors last got together (under the promise of free pizza rolls) and tried the game out for the first time in the real world because these are real cards and not mockups created in powerpoint.







If you’re interested in purchasing Cards Against Brütälity, head on over to our Kickstarter page for more details!

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