Flush It Friday: Reflecting on Two Years of Flushin’


Two years after my first “real” blog post on Toilet ov Hell, I’m looking back and wondering, “was this a good idea?”

The Toilet ov Hell is a collaborative effort between a bunch of smart, funny people who regularly put out great work despite the fact that this job pays negative monies. Why they do it? I dunno. In truth, I’m not sure why I’m doing this.

Way back in the Summer of 2014 I was bored and looking for a project to sink my teeth into. I don’t think I’ve been bored since. Through the last two years, I’ve lost a lot of sleep working through drafts of articles that never ran, editing posts that needed total re-writes, and getting irrationally angry at strangers on the Internet. I’ve learned so much about music, publishing, and community than I ever realized I didn’t know.

Among the many successes we’ve amassed, I’m most proud of the fact that we’ve never compromised our ethics to boost page views, we’ve never given in to any dubious offers to post “sponsored content” from shady advertisers, and we’ve never been sued (nervously knocking on wood). I don’t know what will become of Toilet ov Hell in the next two years but I’m cautiously optimistic. I hope you’ll join me as we walk hand-in-hand, nervous yet cautiously optimistic into the future.

Also, I made these shirts as a joke this morning which six of you how now unexpectedly purchased. You can pick one up right here. The floor is now yours. It’s Flush it Friday.


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